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Winter Oaks Subdivision

Parcel ID 183-029 and 191-101

Original Proposed Site Plan

Major Preliminary Subdivision Application


Juniper Hill Subdivision

Parcel ID 183-020-002

Original Proposed Site Plan


Additional Information

The Androscoggin land trust held a conservation easement on Huston Farm, an abutting property to city-owned former Winter Oaks subdivision. During permitting of the Auburn-Lewiston airport’s parallel taxiway project, wetland mitigation opportunities were needed.  The land trust suggested that wetland values on a portion of city-owned property were aligned with values being lost at the airport during the construction project. The land trust secured ownership of 25 acres of former subdivision property and a right of way to access that property from South Main Street.


The land trust retains the right to develop trails and other amenities on the 25-acre parcel, but resource constraints have kept from happening. A map from the New Auburn Master Plan shows the broader vision for an interconnected "greenway" system of open space and trails that links the Little Androscoggin and Androscoggin Rivers.


New Auburn Village Center Plan

New Auburn Master Plan

Androscoggin Land Trust and South Main Street Mitigation Parcel Deed

Boundary Survey for South Main Street Mitigation


Map of all city-owned property off South Main Street and Vickery Road:

Vickery City Owned.JPG
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